Inter-Racial Marriage

My wife had some conversations recently surrounding the topic of Inter-Racial Marriage. After answering her questions I thought it would be beneficial to jot a few of my answers down for others to see; seeing as this is a common issue in the South.

Question 1: Is it wrong to marry people of another race?

Answer: According to the Bible, it is NOT wrong to marry people of another race. As is well known, Moses, A Jewish man married a black Cushite Woman. This angered Miriam, and she spoke out against Moses because she did not approve of this marriage. God curses Miriam with leprosy and defended Moses. “Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Cushite woman whom he had married, for he had married a Cushite woman.” Numbers 12:1. For those who are interested: Cush was in the southern area of Egypt, which is well documented as a ethnically black area.

Question 2: Is it wrong for someone to marry a person who is not a Christian?

Answer: According to the Bible, Yes it is wrong. 2 Corinthians 6:14 advises against “yoking” oneself to an unbeliever; which is a reference to marrying an unbeliever and binding yourself to them in a lifelong covenant. The Old Testament also contains warnings about Jewish men marrying women who worship other gods.

Question 3: If God approved of inter-racial marriage, why did he not create bi-racial people to start with?

Answer: Well, God only created one man originally; Adam. So God did not directly create white, black, mexican, and brazilian either. Chances are, Adam had the appearance of a Middle Eastern man, since Eden was in the Middle East. Which brings up an interesting point. All people, black, white, and all the rest all come from one Man, Adam, who was created directly by God. So, indirectly, through Adam, God did create all races, including the bi-racial kind. The difference in color is simply a difference in concentration of melanin in the skin. There are obvious adaptations that come along with this like the eyes of Asian men and women, sickle cell traits, etc.

Question 4: What do you do with people who don’t care about what the Bible says?

Answer: Showing a person what the Bible says on an issue is about as far as you can go. Everyone has their own opinion; some people choose to believe what the Bible says, and others do not. The Bible is not an opinion, it is the authoritative truth. It tells us which opinions are right and which are wrong. If it says that interacial marriage was approved by God (in the case of Moses marrying a Cushite) then that is the absolute truth regardless of opinion, upbringing, newspapers, nations, cultures, likes, dislikes, etc. For a Christian, the Bible is the ultimate authority. If it says that marrying an unbeliever is wrong, then it is wrong. If the Bible says that inter-racial marriage is ok, then it is ok. Some cannot accept what the Bible teaches on the matter, however.

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