My Thoughts on our Family Mission Statement

For those who read the Shelton Mission Statement, and think to themselves: does the Shelton Family actually live up to this mission statement? Here is a rejoinder comment.

I want to be candid: I do think that this mission statement is an accurate reflection of our ideals, but there are moments (far too many) where our thoughts, actions, and behaviors of our family betray our mission.

This mission statement serves two relevant purposes in light of the above statement: 1. The mission statement helps family have accountability. The fact that our family will drift from this mission at times is the very purpose for which the mission statement is created. Therefore the mission statement is not meant to describe what the Shelton family now is, but to prescribe what the Shelton family aspires to be while promoting that aspiration to help it come to fruition. 2. The mission statement is not a foreign set of words for my wife and I. It truly is the heart beat of our life and marriage. We strive with all of our might, incessantly, stubbornly, to grow in our knowledge of God together. This mission statement crystallizes some of the conclusions that we have drawn with one another at various times, now written so that we can be as like-minded as possible. While I am away at work, I want my wife to parent with the same vision that I do. I tell my wife that she is the resident theologian of my household while I am gone, and as a matter of being the head that I am called to be, I do my best to teach her, and stir her into a passion to know God through his word (the way Jesus as the head of the church, relentlessly taught his disciples as the body. Being the head makes you the teacher, not the knower). Of course, my goal is for that passion to know God and study him to spew from her life and lips throughout her “mommy-career.”

I truly believe that my family will be different because of this mission statement. My hope is that more verses will be memorized, deeper conversations about God discussed, more prayers for our family, friends, church, and mission, more surrendering of our lives to the Holy Spirit, a better work ethic, and a better stewardship of our bodies, will all arise from this Mission Statement. Sure, there are times where we will deviate from it. But this statement will call us to account and repent and return to our mission. As such, it will then serve its purpose. May God help us for the glory of Christ!

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