Family Mission Statement

This Family exists to know God and enjoy him in all of life; and by this, to glorify God. Therefore, God will be glorified in our family with these 5 priorities, beginning with the most important:

The Shelton Family Will:

1. Devote their lives to the study of God’s word. God’s Word will dominate our conversations, our thoughts, our time, and our lives. We will read, study, learn, memorize it. A failure to diligently pursue a knowledge of God is sin. Therefore, we will work to understand the Bible throughout our lives by sacrificially and diligently working to understand and know God more and more each day.
2. We will pray. We will pray to the God of the Bible and as we come to see him more clearly through his word, and see the world through his word, and by this we will express our dependance on God for everything.
3. The Gospel is the central truth in the Word of God and it is central to who God is. Therefore, the good news of what God has done for us in Jesus Christ will be the foundation for all that the Shelton family is and does. This Gospel is the news that must be cherished by all the peoples of the world. Therefore, the Mission of the church, and of the Shelton Family, is to embody this gospel and participate with Christ’s church in her mission through prayer, financial support, and active involvement.
4. The Shelton Family, and each member of it, are the temples of God. God lives in us by the Holy Spirit. God is creating a new humanity in Christ by His Spirit in the church and in the Shelton Family. Our goals, choices, aspirations, hobbies, morals, and lifestyles, are all meant to reflect the new humanity being created in Christ by the Holy Spirit. We will therefore strive with intense effort to surrender to the Holy Spirit.
5. We will work at our jobs, and structure our hobbies, and use our free time mindful of these 4 priorities. As we work we will do so embodying the new humanity being created in the church (4) by the Gospel (3) according to the Word of God (1), and we will do so wholly dependent on God (2). Diet and exercise promotes and facilitates 1-4. Although Diet and exercise are the lowest priorities of the Shelton’s Mission, they are important for developing self-control, honoring the temple of God, and maximizing our usefulness for Christ’s Kingdom. We will therefore, in proportion to our priorities, eat healthy, and live healthy lifestyles with the goal of maximizing 1-4, but never to the neglect of 1-4.

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